Crocodiles – Live

Crocodiles came to Brudenell Social Club in Leeds....
Crocodiles : Live

Crocodiles : Live

Brudenell Social Club

Brudenell Social Club in Leeds – not what you’d think. Especially from the outside.

No bingo or politically incorrect comedian; instead a comfortable spacious room – on two levels, twinkly lights; an audience sporting t-shirts of Joy Division, Cud and Olympic cycling, probably no walks of shame in the morning.

I’d gone to see The Crocodiles after seeing them support The Cribs (QRO review) – and fell for their energy and “right up my street” music; and here it was again, on Tuesday, August 27th!  And Kult Country – could’ve happily been the headliner (another band to watch and follow).

CrocodilesThen there Crocodiles came, touring behind their new Crimes of Passion (QRO review) – the small stage not big enough to display their flailing about, but at the same time a wonderfully small venue to make every member of the audience feel part of a special evening.  “Hearts of Love” was magnificent; Kult Country were dancing in the audience.  People were dancing or nodding, almost in shock at how brilliant it all was.

It was a treat, for the ears- heart and soul.

This band gets under your skin, and stays there.

Set List

Hearts of Love
Teardrop Guitar
Soft Skull
Heavy Metal Clouds
Me and My Machine Gun
Refuse Angels
Neon Jesus
Sleep Forever

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