Death From Above – Outrage! Is Now

While it can’t be the smashing return of 'The Physical World', DFA definitely once again deliver....
Death From Above : Outrage! Is Now
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Death From Above : Outrage! Is Now


When Death From Above 1979 returned five years after their break-up, Sebastien Grainger and Jesse F. Keeler were greeted rapturously as energetic founders of dance-punk. That continued with reunion record The Physical World (QRO review), which delivered the crashing, crushing sound their fans wanted. So how does follow-up Outrage! Is Now fare? While it can’t be the smashing return of World, DFA definitely once again deliver.

[note: The band finally came to terms with indie-dance DFA Records, as the name dispute caused the group to initially add their birth year to their title. So now they’re back to just plain old ‘Death From Above’]

As is expected/required, Outrage opens in big, crashing fashion with “Nomad”, and really never lets up. Indeed, at only 37 minutes, it’s a rather short record, but brings the thunder from start to finish, the closing, hitting procession “Holy Books”. DFA does mix tempo, from the slower processions of “Books”, “Moonlight” & “Statues”, and the frenetic energy of “Nomad”, “Caught Up”, and “All I C Is U & Me” (with the title track mixing the two); it largely the energetic songs that are superior, certainly stand out more.

After the bracing return of The Physical World, Outrage! Is Now is pretty much in the same vein (despite a bit more socio-political lyrics). But that’s exactly what you want.

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