Efterklang – Piramida

<img src="http://www.qromag.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/efterklangpiramida.jpg" alt="Efterklang : Piramida" /><br /> Efterklang have built a new hollow <i>Piramida</i> that contains treasures within. ...
Efterklang : Piramida
7.8 4AD

Efterklang : PiramidaWhile most Scandinavian musicians on the more experimental side of things tend towards the reduced and electronic, Copenhagen’s Efterklang have always gone towards the bigger and orchestral, if still in the haunting vein.  They’ve performed with a full orchestra in their hometown (QRO live review), and this year played New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (QRO photos).  And for their new Piramida, the group has embraced that nature even more, especially with regards to hollow beats and hollow sounds.

After the departure of drummer Thomas Kirirath Husmer, it’s no surprise that Efterklang go for an airier sound on Piramida.  The beats sound as if from hollow containers, while woodwinds predominate – even into the vocals of singer Casper Clausen (QRO interview).  There is a definite choral style throughout the record, from the bigger (“Apples”) to the slower (the following “Sedna”),higher (subsequent “Told To Be Fine”) to haunting (“The Ghost”).  It can get a bit much, especially in the early-mid of the album – the back half has the better growing and glowing”Dreams Today”, more interesting mix with some electronica rhythm in “Between the Walls”, and the distant elegy “Monument” to close out the record.

Orchestral sounds are nothing new to Nordics, but usually hew towards the truly experimental (especially Iceland, such as Sigur Rós – QRO live review), or put strings at the fore.  Haunting is usually done by reducing the instrumentation, not expanding it, but Efterklang have built a new, hollow Piramida that contains treasures within.

Efterklang – Between the Walls

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