Elf Power – Twitching In Time

What to say about a band like Elf Power?...
Elf Power : Twitching In Time
7.8 Orange Twin

Elf Power : Twitching In TimeWhat to say about a band like Elf Power? Well, they are really solid in many ways, but for sure to most people, very weird for their happy folk-pop and hymn style. From surreal old songs like “High Atop the Silver Branches”, “Will My Feet Still Carry Me Home”, or even the glassy and disarming “ King of Earth“ to spirited halloween songs on Twitching in Time, see “Halloween Out Walking”, they keep up the atmospheric trends in their recordings.

Twitching in Time carries weight in tracks such as “Withering Husk”, or “Ten Dollars On the ground”, that said, pieces like “The Cat Trapped in the Wall” or “Watery Shreds” see some more dark atmosphere, and “Melted Down” is downright disturbing.

All of these songs also have a real positive energy and a haunting warmth in the lead singer’s voice as always. There is, on Twitching in Time, at times the sound of depression days with happy contrasted vocals, and the theme of ‘folk for true folk fans.’ The other songs are a bit more trippy and “In a Room” stands out.

It is that which makes it a solid contribution to music from the unheralded dream band Elf Power. Twitching In Time is great and hopefully an addition to vintage emotional meditation in music.

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