Erika Spring – Scars EP

Erika Forster brings out another moody indietronic piece as Erika Spring....
Erika Spring : Scars EP
7.5 Cascine

Erika Spring : Scars EPErika Forster first came up as one of the ladies of Brooklyn synth-pop outfit Au Revoir Simone (QRO spotlight on), but in recent years has also made her own name as Erika Spring, plus teaming up with Jenny Lewis and Tennessee Thomas as Nice As Fuck (not to mention appearing as part of ARS on the new Twin Peaks). She brings out another moody indietronic piece as Spring in Scars EP.

Just five songs make Scars definitely not a full album, but still a strong impression. It is fairly stripped down, something that electronica should do more of, given how electronics too often lend themselves to ProTools over-production. Instead, pieces like “Close To Here” and the empathetic title track give an intimacy to the emotion.

The short nature of the EP also works with the barer release, as longer might have come off as repetitive. Erika Forster touches well as Erika Spring.

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