Fanfarlo : Reservoir

<img src="" alt=" " />It's almost impossible for one not to instantly fall in love with Fanfarlo's <i>Reservoir</i>. ...
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Fanfarlo : Reservoir

London based-indie band Fanfarlo recently released their debut album, Reservoir.  The long-awaited record endures complex, alluring compositions accompanied by Swedish lead singer Simon Balthazar’s lush vocals.  It’s almost impossible for one not to instantly fall in love with these folk-pop melancholy songs.  The soul-bearing album is an assortment of abounding instrumentation and divine arrangements, which results in a very satisfying and easy listening experience. 

Album opener “I’m a Pilot” is a flowing song with piano strikes, enticing percussion, and cheerful tunes that almost pass for a marching band sound.  “Ghosts”, an upbeat pop track, with captivating bass ballads from bassist Justin and rapid drum rolls played by drummer Amos, is an exuberating piece that takes flight almost immediately.  “Luna” sounds like a funky 80s pop song; one might even draw comparisons to the sounds of Talking Heads, as the song begins with edgy, bold melodies and ends with soft, melancholy harmonies.  “Fire Escape” is one of the strongest tracks on the album, an arousing song with rising guitar chords.  But Balthazar’s enduring vocals are what really carry this piece, “The winter is cruel round here / the future is not down there / why can’t they just think of us?” “The Walls are Coming Down” is a very instrumental composition that displays banjo strokes, angelic chimes and piano.

The British group has been compared to bands like Noah and the Whale (QRO live review), and indie rock band Arcade Fire (QRO live review).  But the truth is that Fanfarlo stands strong on it’s own.  This unique and highly innovative band puts together gentle, yet lively layers of mesmerizing sounds, creating incomparable pieces that stay ringing in your head even hours after.

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