Indie Wolves

<p> <img src="" alt=" " /> </p> <p> One phenomenon in the indie music world over the last few years is the surge of bands with wolf-related names.  It's...
Wolf Parade
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Albums: Apologies to the Queen Mary (2006)
Sounds like: Abominable snowman rock 
Wolf Eyes
Hometown:  Detroit, MI
Albums: Human Animal (2006), Burned Mind (2004), Dead Hills (2002), Dread (2001)
Sounds like: Ghost in the machine
Patrick Wolf
Hometown: London, UK
Albums:  The Magic Position (2007), Wind in the Wires (2005), Lycanthropy (2003)
Sounds like: Crooning, cynical pop
We Are Wolves
Hometown: Montreal, QC
Albums: Non Stop Je Te Plie En Deux (2005)
Sounds like: Electro-punk
Sea Wolf
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Albums: Leaves in the River (2007)
Sounds like: Gilded rock
Wolf & Cub
Hometown: Adelaide, AUS
Albums: Vessels (2006)
Sounds like: A jagged, metal Krusty-O
Hometown: Montreal, QC
Albums: The Lovvers (2006)
Sounds like: Laser-punk
Peter and the Wolf
Hometown: Austin, TX
Albums: The Ivori Palms (2007), Lightness (2006)
Sounds like: Haunting Americana
Hometown: London, UK
Sounds like: Grungy lady punk
Hometown: Sydney, AUS
Albums: Wolfmother (2005)
Sound like: 70’s grunge


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