Frankie Rose – Love As Projection

Enjoy this era’s Frankie Rose on 'Love As Projection'....
Frankie Rose : Love As Projection
7.5 Slumberland/Night School
Frankie Rose : Love As Projection

QRO first encountered Frankie Rose when she played in a bunch of different NYC garage-rock groups back in the garage heyday of the aughts, but she’s since moved to Los Angeles and gotten into today’s hot sound, electronics. Love as Projection continues that trend, even more synthetic, lovely if not reinventing the style.

Rose knows how to bring beauty to her electronica on songs such as the well done opener “Sixteen Ways” and the catchier beat beneath on “Sleeping Night and Day”. She does shift between big & small, though the bigger is better with the eighties glow in “Anything” and the more reaching “DOA”, while sometimes she can get a bit lost in her washing effects (“Molotov In Stereo”).

Despite the release of Meet Me In the Bathroom (QRO review), the New York rock scene of the first decade of this century/millennium is long gone, and electronics are here to stay. So, enjoy this era’s Frankie Rose on Love As Projection.

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