Gentleman Reg : Leisure Life, Vol. 2

<img src="" alt="Gentleman Reg : Leisure Life, Vol. 2" /><br /> <i>Vol. 2</i> of <i>Leisure Life</i> EPs sees Gentleman Reg bring in more ‘tronic keys, with a wider ranger...
Gentleman Reg : Leisure Life, Vol. 2
7.6 Heavy Head

Gentleman Reg : Leisure Life, Vol. 2 Just a month-or-so ago Ontario’s Reg Vermue – a.k.a. Gentleman Reg – embarked on the first of three Leisure Life EPs with Vol. 1 (QRO review), shifting somewhat from his softer sound to more indie-pop.  Vol. 2 sees Vermue bring in more ‘tronic keys, with a wider ranger of attitude.

Whereas Vol. 1 started from the get-go with indie-pop, Vol. 2 opens with a somewhat darker push in "Rock Animals", before the more upbeat "Make It Better", which manages to be catchy without being shallow.  The thread between those two and the following "The Declaration" and "Charm In a Phonebooth" are keyboard sounds, including a sort of disco-relax in "Declaration" and straight-up pop-hook on "Charm".  Only closer "Hit the Heart" eschews the keys for the guitar, an acoustic guitar in the stripped and intimate sad piece.

It was wise of Vermue to begin his set of EPs with his most accessible set of songs – and now that he’s got you hooked, he brings in the keys on Vol. 2.

MP3 Stream: "Make It Better"

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