Gogol Bordello – Seekers and Finders

It’s key that Gogol Bordello is releasing 'Seekers and Finders' now....
Gogol Bordello : Seekers and Finders
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Gogol Bordello : Seekers and Finders


The issue of immigration has become only more prominent in recent years, from nativist Brexit to ‘Build the Wall’ Trump voters, but it’s hard for alternative music to really get into the subject, since it’s still a genre dominated by white first world citizens. That’s why it’s key that Gogol Bordello is releasing Seekers and Finders now.

The self-described “gypsy punks” have long advocated for immigrants like them, amid their eclectic, uproarious music, but Seekers take on the cause even more. There’s their immigrant punk on “You Know Who We Are (Uprooted Funk)”, but also the party-ode to the family “Familia Bonfireball”, low-key immigrant ditty “Clearvoyance”, and strong working immigrant song “If I Ever Get Home Before Dark”. Plus there are the big Gogol group-anthems, such as the title track (featuring fellow immigrant Regina Spektor) and the bar sing-along “Still That Way”.

Interestingly, singer Eugene Hutz doesn’t direct fire at Trump or his ilk specifically, or even go after nativism. Instead, this is a positive piece for all immigrants of the world.

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