Grouplove – Spreading Rumors

Grouplove are still enjoyable on Spreading Rumors....
Grouplove : Spreading Rumors
7.5 Canvasback

Grouplove : Spreading RumorsThese days, it doesn’t take a whole lot of time for a new act to blow up – just look at the overnight success of fun. (QRO live review), or another Atlantic artist, Grouplove.  On the back of a couple of ultra-enjoyable singles, “Colours” (QRO review) and “Tongue Tied”, the group jumped to Atlantic imprint Canvasback for debut Never Trust a Happy Song.  That title was a little telling, as the rest of the diverse record wasn’t like its singles, with different tempos and even singers.  That diversity, and singles > rest of the record, continues on the still very enjoyable follow-up, Spreading Rumors.

First things first, Spreading has some wonderful singles in “Ways To Go” and “Borderlines and Aliens”.  Grouplove does move more into the synths and dance in general on the new album, but especially on those infectious singles.  They also have country-strum pop (“Sit Still”), slow uplift (“Hippy Hill”), rock (“What I Know”), and even a staccato pop-wash (“Bitin’ the Bullet”).  The feel of the record has a trajectory that is almost entirely up, from the bright sway closer “Save the Party” to catchy electro opener “I’m With You” (though there is some sadness in the back of “You” and the front of “Party”).

Like Never Trust a Happy Song, the new record has killer singles and the rest – and they’ll all be lifted live, like when Grouplove toured the first album (QRO live review).  And you’ll still find yourself enjoying Spreading Rumors.

Grouplove – Ways To Go

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