Guess the Identity of the Blogger Secret Santa Who Never Got Me a Gift

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Guess the Identity of the Blogger Secret Santa Who Never Got Me a Gift

Here at QRO we learn to live with crippling disappointment as a necessary part of life.  Case in point: when our good friends at Cream Team proposed a Blogger Secret Santa, QRO correspondent Mike "Heyppanda" Gutierrez jumped in with a heart full of warm & fuzzy expectations, only to have those expectations dashed to pieces when Santa never came.

We’re all about making lemonade from lemons, though, so we’re turning Mike’s crushing sense of loss into a music giveaway!  Guess the identity of the evil Secret Santa and win a free download of Young Adults’ Black Hole.  The Allston-based trio has been making a lot of noise in the New York-Boston circuit with their sonic surf punk textures, their latest 12" Black Hole, and choice opening slots with bands like WAVVES (QRO album review) and Best Coast (QRO live review).  Watch for Young Adults to make more waves at SXSW in March.

MP3 Stream: Young Adults – "Let Us Out" from Black Hole

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Shark? & Young Adults this FridayWe’ve got a pair of tickets to giveaway as well for Young Adults in Brooklyn this Friday at Death By Audio, playing with QRO fav Shark? (QRO album review).  Stellar lineup, staples of the NYC and Boston scene back-to-back.  When you go, make sure you tell the bands to pop the evil Secret Santa in the jaw if they see him/her at SXSW.

Guess the evil Secret Santa!  We’ll add clues day by day.  Leave your guess down in the comments below.

Clue #1: He’s a guy.

Clue #2: He’s from Atlanta.

Clue #3: Followed/listed him on Twitter, but he’s all like "h8 u, n0t f0ll0w1ng b4ck".

Clue #4: Like most Atlanta bloggers, he vastly (& inexplicably) overrates Oryx + Crake.


(first name) _ _ _

(last name) _ _ _ _ _

(of the blog) _’_ * _*_ _ _ _ !  _ _ _ .

* = space between words.

_ = letter.

All the rest is punctuation.


1) Don’t cheat.

2) Veronica is not eligible.

3) Never be an evil Secret Santa.

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