HAIM – Days Are Gone

A single single can make a career more than ever these days....
HAIM : Days Are Gone
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HAIM : Days Are Gone

A single single can make a career more than ever these days. It used to be that such acts burnt-out quick, and was derogatively referred to as ‘one-hit wonders’ later on (or even during their brief fame). Today, one hit can be even bigger thanks to the internet, and that matters even more when people aren’t buying albums (thanks to the internet…). Los Angeles sister trio HAIM had that hit this year in “Don’t Save Me”, without much else to their name. Debut full-length Days Are Gone isn’t “Don’t Save Me”, and certainly isn’t ‘indie’, but it isn’t a massive comedown.

“Don’t Save Me” was such a success thanks to its great catch & rhythm & more, plus the obvious appeal of ladies Alana, Danielle, and Este Haim.  The rest of Days Are Gone obviously couldn’t match that, and doesn’t, as the group mostly hews away from their killer rhythm for the kind of female-led synth-pop loss that was coming out of mainstream radio back in the eighties.  The songs aren’t upbeat, but are danceable, with even a nighttime eighties guitar solo in opener “Falling”.  The production-over-variety makes the songs largely run together, save for “Don’t Save Me” and the one other rhythmic piece, “Forever”, not unenjoyably, but not exceptionally.  And other than “Save” & “Forever”, the excursions the band does is slowing things down even more, such as the over-produced procession “My Song 5”.

Success has come very quickly for the sisters HAIM, and by all accounts they’re handling it well, still flush with joy.  Just “Don’t” expect much in the way of revelations from Days Are Gone.

HAIM – Don't Save Me

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