Half Moon Run – Dark Eyes

Can ‘indie-smooth’ exist?...
Half Moon Run : Dark Eyes
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Half Moon Run : Dark EyesCan ‘indie-smooth’ exist?  Smooth sounds are so often associated with either the come-ons from R&B singers, or the weakest fare on the radio/elevator (think the definition of ‘smooth jazz’, Kenny G…), that it would seem impossible for it to ever be ‘indie’.  Yet Montreal’s Half Moon Run square that circle with Dark Eyes.

There are many weapons in Half Moon Run’s arsenal.  Dark Eyes starts with enchantment on “Full Circle”, and the track keeps its connection to the listener via its haunting nature.  However, the secret trick is their rhythm, especially in rhythmic vocals (though the floor tom drumming of the following “Call Me In the Afternoon” is great all on its own).  The back half of Dark Eyes sees the band’s sly attitude never get full of itself, such as the touch of wry humour on “Judgment”, or even just the unabashed embrace of the style in “Drug You” – they manage to pull of an “Ooh-ooh…” without sounding cheesy.

Not every track on Dark Eyes pulls off Half Moon Run’s impressive feat – “Need It” is too sly and smooth, while “Fire Escape” is too small, and the subsequent closer “21 Gun Salute” is the kind of evening indietronica you’ve heard many other places.  But if you want something that will go down very well, while still keeping your indie-cred, look no further.

Half Moon Run – Full Circle

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