Hot Panda : Go Outside

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Hot Panda : Go Outside
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Hot Panda : Go Outside Hot Panda made an odd, but good, impression last year with How Come I’m Dead? (QRO review), but are a little less odd on follow-up Go Outside.  Sticking mostly to ditties, though also including other elements, odd or not, Hot Panda are still an interesting, if not easy, band.

Things start out hard-rocking with opener "One In the Head, One In the Chest", but even that is a distorted ditty – and it’s the ditties that keep up Outside.  There’s the ominous in the following "Language" and "Future Markets", sweet & sad sways "Littered Coins" and "Holidays", cheery & relaxed "Maybe Now?" and "Go Outside", plus some psych in "Winter Song" and "Boats", and even straight-up odd fellows in "See You All Around" and crazy closer "Negative Thinking Patterns".  However, the group never really truly masters anything – the psych goes on too long (especially the unnecessary thirty-plus seconds of blank space at the end of penultimate "Boats"), while sweet sways are also simple.

It may never be easy to get a handle on the odd kids from Edmonton that make up Hot Panda.  But it’s still interesting to try.

MP3 Stream: "Go Outside"

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