Ima Robot : Search & Destroy EP

<p><img src="" alt="ima robot - search & destroy ep" />Leading up to their second album, <em>Monument to the Masses</em>, Ima Robot recorded roughly 100 songs.  While a dozen of...
ima robot - search & destroy ep
8.3 Ima Robot

ima robot - search & destroy epLeading up to their second album, Monument to the Masses, Ima Robot recorded roughly 100 songs.  While a dozen of these went to the new full-length, the band decided to dedicate nine more to non-EP/LP called Search & Destroy.  This tour-only release contains some of Ima Robot's most progressive, original material while keeping an Beatles' Anthology-esque vibe.

The title and opening track is an industrial/electronic spasm featuring warehouse-murder wails.  The atmosphere is dark and expansive, but merely one facet of the entire EP/album.  "Tumbling Down" is an homage to nothing, an acoustic tumbler with ghostly synth wandering in the background.  The die lands on another side in "Sing Boy", as catchy jangling jogs over quick, homemade drums.

Continuity on this release was clearly not a major concern, and a variety of styles are exposed for the better.  "Hello I Love You" is an improv-ed acoustic slinky with amusing lyrics and studio laughter. "Alien" is a futuristic space-panic of cascading choruses.

The final three tracks may be the best some of the best material the band has ever put out.   "Paint the Town Red" is an eye-twitching promise of revenge, completely with bipolar dips and soars.   "Two Hearts Too Young" updates love lost then slips into an indie-jungle trance.  "Time is the Cure" is a decadent finale with sha-na-na-nas, reflective and smooth.  

While their upcoming release is more pop-friendly and over-produced, Ima Robot's big fat EP is full of intruiging tracks that really show off the scope of their abilities.  It's a new wave, anglo-pop, alt-bounce fungasm full of energy and real appeal.   Truly more essential than the new album.

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