Indo Warehouse SANYFW Kickoff Party

Blue Midtown hosted Indo Warehouse Kickoff Party for South Asian New York Fashion Week....
Indo Warehouse NYFW Kickoff Party
Indo Warehouse NYFW Kickoff Party

When New York Fashion Week was underway, people from all over the world were showcasing an array of styles. From traditional to modern and everything in between, it was nothing short of amazing. The events thrown here are showstoppers – this trend continued on Saturday, September 10th at Blue Midtown, with the Indo Warehouse Kickoff Party for South Asian New York Fashion Week. The line was quick, the process to get in went smoothly and within minutes, we (my plus one and I) were ready to go.

Once in the venue and downstairs, the dance floor was already packed with people. One can only imagine that Ethyr’s opening went well based on that alone. For Kunal Merchant’s set, the green leaves above gave an earthly aesthetic and the rows of led lighting helped the ceiling pop overall. Kunal Merchant took the crowd on a progressive musical journey with South Asian flavor. Every track he played was captivating and he genuinely had fun with it. The crowd fed off of his energy, as multiple photographers moved around to capture the moments.

Next in line to close the night was Kahani. His style leaned more towards the groovy side. It definitely pulled the crowd in, with some moments becoming trance-like. The energy was infectious during each transition and drop. Everyone eagerly waited for the next track with their hands raised in the air. All in all, the night was great and so were the vibes. The staff were great, the DJs did a superb job and the crowd was fantastic. One could not have asked for a better night.

Indo Warehouse NYFW Kickoff Party

-photos courtesy of Swapnil Junjare

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