Jamborini 2011 Giveaway

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Jamborini 2011 Giveaway

The contest is officially closed – thanks for playing! Blogger mixtapes available for download at the links below for a limited time. A sincere thanks to all the bloggers and labels involved. Best, QRO

 Dorice Tepley: http://www.sendspace.com/file/x8p6j1 Gimmme Tinnitus: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ppbpon Rollo & Grady: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4pqcez Ohm Park: http://www.sendspace.com/file/rc0btr 

QRO launched our first ever Blogger Mixtape Jamboree & Music Giveaway last summer.  Quite a mouthful. This year we’ve learned our lesson and shortened the name to Jamborini.  It’s easier to say – and it’s easy as ever to win these fabulous mixtapes curated by Rollo & Grady, GIMME TINNITUS, Dorice Tepley & Ohm Park.  We’re also fortunate to have a gorgeous slew of prize packs offered by Arbutus Records, HoZac Records, Papergarden Records & High Scores and Records.  Scroll down below to see what great music is on tap!

TO WIN: Simply email [email protected] with "JAMBORINI" in the subject header.  Give us your order of preference for the prize packs and we’ll run a drawing.  All entrants win the blogger-curated mixtapes.




You’ve got to have your head on a swivel to be a blogger in Brooklyn.  Too many bands, too much talent.  It can be hard to process; and few sort the wheat from the chaff better than GIMME TINNITUS, who turns up plenty of rock n roll gems in his ode-to-Brooklyn mixtape.

01.  Mr. Dream – "Holy Name"
02.  Hunters – "Deadbeat"
03.  YVETTE – "With Fangs"
04.  Pterodactyl – "Arnold’s Park"
05.  ADULT THEMES  "Young Bodies"
06.  Sleepies – "Sludge River Mouth"
07.  Parts & Labor – "Constant Future"
08.  Grooms – "Tiger Trees"
09.  Shark?  – "Shark?"
10.  Antimagic – "Shake Shake Shake"
11.  Liturgy – "Generation"


"Summer in a Southern City Mix" by Ohm Park

Ohm Park proves that you can blog local without sacrificing quality.  The man behind the site, Davy Minor, has wide-ranging tastes, but has unapologetically dedicated Ohm Park to discovering the best and brightest of what the underground in his native Atlanta has to offer.  QRO wouldn’t have it any other way.

01.  Places – "Distinguished Critter"
02.  New Animal – "Grow Back Out"
03.  Young Again – "Control"
04.  Beachtapes – "Santa Maria"
05.  Qurious – "Saltation"
06.  Time Wharp – "cuspcake"
07.  Dark Room – "Barcelona"
08.  heRobust – "grief case"
09.  Red Sea – "In Shape"
10.  Wowser Bowser – "Water Story"


"Rollo & Grady Mixtape 2011" by Rollo & Grady

We’ve been fans of Rollo & Grady at QRO for a while now.  He’s got an impressive grasp of pop music present and past.  His mixtape combines deep cuts, surprising covers, old favorites, newbie acts, playfully toying with genre expectations.  An easy-riding listen full of West Coast flavor.

1.  Guadalupe Plata – "Baby Me Vuelves Loco"
2.  Dutch Rhythm, Steel & Show Band – "Down By The River" (Neil Young)
3.  M.  Ward – "Green River" (CCR)
4.  West Indian Girl – "To Die In LA"
5.  Telekinesis – "Car Crash"
6.  AgesandAges – "So So Freely"
7.  The Babies – "Breakin’ The Law"
8.  Michael Kiwanuka – "I Need Your Company"
9.  The Stepkids – "Legend In My Own Mind"
10.  Stone Darling – "Can You Get To That" (Funkadelic)
11.  Air France – "Beach Party"
12.  Breakfast In Fur – "I Don’t Care"
13.  Kurt Vile – "Jesus Fever"
14.  Paul Cary – "Goner"


"Elbow Hold Mix" by Dorice Tepley

The woman-of-many-hats Dorice Tepley does indie music right in Toronto.  Scribe, show junkie, promoter, Twitter guru; she’s put together a mostly Canadian mix curated from a musical perspective that’s got the scene covered every which way.  When she’s not going nuts about music, she’s going nuts about graffiti in toilet stalls on her blog Stall Art.  Check it out!

01.  Doldrums – Im Homesick Sittin Up Here In My Satellite
02.  tonkapuma – simonSays
03.  DD/MM/YYYY – Bronzage
04.  Hut – Droppers
05.  The Soupcans – Balls ‘n’ Chains
06.  Hellaluya – Holiday
07.  Blood Rexdale and the Walls are Blonde – Thought Compton
08.  Moon King – Forest House
09.  Romo Roto – Caterpillar Massacre
10.  Teen Tits Wild Wives – Bring Yr Knife To Tha Dance
11.  Tonstartssbandht – Preston Great Ass Imfat




"2 B Deterrrmined" by HoZac Records

Chicago is proud to be the home of HoZac Records, the one-time ‘zine turned label, but its roster is drawn from psych, punk, garage, and rock n roll talent all over the map.  West Coast Nobunny, East Coast K-Holes, or the hometown Smith Westerns, Mickey, Radar Eyes and more: HoZac’s got it all.  Win this prize pack and you will too! It’s sheer vinyl ecstasy: 7"s, LPs, EPs galore, including Woven Bones, People’s Temple, Smith Westerns, Wax Idols — so many albums we can’t even list them all here! Check this link for the full list of what might be the cream of the prize pack crop.

Check out People’s Temple’s "Sons of Stome"

MP3 Stream: "Sons of Stone"

{audio}mp3/files/Peoples Temple – Sons of Stone.mp3{/audio}



"Twin Band Movement" by Arbutus Records

Montreal’s Arbutus Records came to one of our correspondent’s attention when he stumbled into a Sean Nicholas Savage show in Toronto, with blogger extraordinaire Dorice Tepley.  Savage danced and romance across the stage, his signature mustachio enunciating every synth-soaked lyric.  QRO is excited to pass on the good vibes with the disco fever of Sean Nicholas Savage’s Mutual Feelings of Respect and Admiration along with Silly Kisser’s Precious Necklace.

Luxuriate in the velvety purr of Sean Nicholas Savage’s "Oo La La":

MP3 Stream: "Oo La La"

{audio}mp3/files/Sean Nicolas Savage – Oo La La.mp3{/audio}



"Helter Skelter Summer Melter" by Papergarden Records

Papergarden Records, headquartered in Brooklyn, loves its artists so much that the label started its own blog, the Lovely Hearts Club, to celebrate their music.  We love ‘em too – so we’re proud to offer an 8 album prize pack spanning their roster, including Alcoholic Faith Mission, Emmanuel and the Fear, Little Tybee, and more, plus a Papergarden T-shirt, sticker, patch, and 4 posters to cover every wall of your bedroom (assuming a quadrilateral design).

Drift away to the dreamy orchestral pop lullaby of Little Tybee’s "Passion Seekers":

MP3 Stream: "Passion Seekers"

{audio}mp3/files/Little Tybee – Passion Seekers.mp3{/audio}



"The Final Boss" by High Scores and Records

The Portland-based label High Scores and Records is generously offering up their entire discography to one lucky winner, including Guidance Counselor 12", PDXTC compilation 12" (including Wampire), Support Force CD, Brainstorm 7", Sons of Huns CD, and the inimitable Jeffrey Jerusalem 7" (on heavy rotation in the QRO offices lately).That’s a slew of electro-indie itching to arrive at your doorstep!

Have a listen to the blissed-out art disco of Jeffery Jerusalem’s "This Week":

MP3 Stream: "This Week"

{audio}mp3/files/Jeffrey Jerusalem – This Week.mp3{/audio}

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