Lake Street Dive – Obviously

Trying to take some of the load off is Lake Street Dive with their pop-soul Obviously....
Lake Street Dive : Obviously
7.4 Nonesuch
Lake Street Dive : Obviously

We’re slowly emerging from the COVID crisis, at least hopefully, but one still wonders whether a good time will ever be had again. Not just the pandemic but all the issues raised, yet not tackled, weigh upon us. Trying to take some of that load off is Lake Street Dive with their pop-soul Obviously.

Reminiscent of the more mainstream soul of the eighties (ask your parents…), pieces like the catchy opener “Hypotheticals” and following wry soul-rock “Hush Money” do bring good times. But Obviously also gets into things, such as the trials of “Being a Woman” and the global warming future of the kids just “Making Do”. Admittedly, the group can get a bit maudlin (like “Nobody’s Stopping You Now”), and when the charm isn’t full-on, it’s not that memorable, but the charm is full-on in some like the very smooth “Same Old News” and the get together “Know That I Know”.

Who knows what the rest of 2021 holds (who would have guessed where we are now, one year ago?), but Lake Street Dive draw nicely upon the past for the very nice Obviously.

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