Lucero – When You Found Me

Lucero has evolved, through country-punks to something more....
Lucero : When You Found Me
7.8 Thirty Tigers

Lucero : When You Found MeWhile many of the ‘workingman’s punk’ acts of a decade or two ago have either stayed in their same lane, mining the same veins & issues, or have had kids and gone full sentimental dad-rock. But Lucero has evolved, through country-punks to something more. 2018’s Among the Ghosts (QRO review) saw them go full Southern Gothic (but with guitars), and now they’ve brought in a Springsteen-like weight on When You Found Me.

Found still brings plenty of the ‘workingman’s gothic,’ dark journeys through the night by truck on gravel like opener “Have You Lost Your Way?”. “The Match” is a full-on gritty ghost story, while “Outrun the Moon” is a getaway tale. There is also a distinct evening eighties drive to many pieces, such as “Moon”, the almost wry “Good As Gone”, and particularly the more cowpunk party “Back In Ohio”, which goes full Boss when it brings in a rock n’ roll saxophone. However, there are also some times where Lucero change it up and go slow & emotional, like “Pull Me Close Don’t Let Go” and the closing title track.

With When You Found Me, Lucero are proving that there’s not only still a place for rock ‘n roll in today’s world, but there’s even a place for its evolution.

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