Lykke Li – so sad so sexy

New album 'so sad sexy' is just that, with Lykke Li on full display....
Lykke Li : so sad so sexy
8.0 RCA

Lykke Li : so sad so sexy

The ‘Swedish Invasion’ of a decade ago (QRO’s Swedish Sensations) has long since past, with most of the artists fading in notice in America, but not Lykke Li. She’s evolved from simple Scandinavian songstress into full-on modern-day diva singer (in the right way – that word’s kind of been ‘taken back’). New album so sad sexy is just that, with Lykke Li on full display.

Indeed, the title is almost too apt, as virtually every song is both heartbreaking and sensual. The titular track might be the album’s mission statement, but Lykke Li’s perfect line is in the following “better alone”, “I’m better alone than lonely.” Failing relationships permeate this record, from the singer wondering where her man’s been in “two nights” (featuring rhymes by Aminé), to admitting to being a “Bad woman / But I’m still your woman” on “bad woman”. There is a brighter glow to closer “utopia”, but so sad so sexy is really about the dark side of love in songs like the powerful “last piece” and rhythmic “sex money feelings die”.

Women are finally getting their fair share of the big-name artist pie, from Beyoncé and Lorde and onward. Lykke Li is going onward herself very nicely in that vein, so sad, so sexy.

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