Miike Snow

<img src="http://www.qromag.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/miikesnowapr14.jpg" alt=" " />Wearing their trademark white masks, Miike Snow came to Portland and the audience came to dance. ...

Miike Snow

Wearing their trademark white masks, Miike Snow came out at Portland’s Hawthorne Theater on Wednesday, April 14th and immediately launched into their set with “Cult Logic”.  The crowd was bouncing and singing along from the first beat and never let up until the end.  Miike Snow delivered the songs with much heavier beats than on their album, and the white smoke and lights turned the show into a sweaty dance club.

Whether it was the masks or the workman-like performance, the band came across a quite detached from the audience (not that the Andrew Wyatt without maskscreaming crowd noticed).  Andrew Wyatt with maskTheir show was extremely good, yet singer Andrew Wyatt never spoke a word.  On the fifth song of the night, “Silvia”, the band took their masks off near the end, which made the crowd go wild.  “Animal” was the song everyone was waiting for and the band delivered a very techno version before leaving the stage.  They returned with “In Search Of” and then left the stage.  It’s possible that Miike Snow purposely does not speak to the audience or engage them as part of their act.  Add the masks and there is a level of mystery and detachment.  The audience however didn’t seem to mind.  They just came to dance.
rest of the band without masks

everyone without masksSet List

“Cult Logic”
“Black & Blue”
“A Horse Is Not a Home”
“Plastic Jungle”
“Sans Soleil”


“In Search Of”
Miike Snow

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