Norman 2010 Music Festival Preview

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Norman 2010 Music Festival Preview

In addition to the couldn’t-be-getting-any-hotter Dirty Projectors to headline, there’s a solid line-up behind them, and Norman also rounded up the best of Oklahoma (& Austin) acts from the first two years to return.  And the festival is more diverse than ever, with additional stages & showcases for the Little Rockers, local comedy, University of Central Oklahoma’s Academy of Contemporary Music, Oklahoma Electronic Music Consortium, poetry slams, spoken word & much more – and all for free.


With sixteen stages in downtown Norman, here’s a handy map of the wheres, with the who & when:

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The biggest addition to Norman ‘10 is a second day, as the festival stretches from all-day on Sunday to the evening of Saturday.  Serving both as an appetizer for Sunday & a nice line-up in its own right, it’s a night on the town.


Sooner Theatre Stage (101 E Main St)

11:00 PM – Evangelicals: Headlining Day One of Norman is the best OK act since The Flaming Lips, Evangelicals (QRO live review).  Expect much craziness as Evangelicals (QRO photos at a festival) rock their hometown – again (QRO photos at Norman ‘08) – with tracks off their last, The Evening Descends (QRO review), and hopefully some new material.

Evangelicals10:00 PM – Rainbows Are Free
9:00 PM – Tony Romanello & The Black Jackets
8:00 PM – Traindodge
7:00 PM – Stephen Rawlings
6:00 PM – Student Film [note: that’s a band, not a film]
5:00 PM – Rainbow Around The Sun (film)
3:30 PM – IT Supremecy (film)


Latin Stage (Outdoors at City Parking at Gray St & Crawford Ave)

9:30 PM – Social Klash

8:15 PM – Tekumbe
7:00 PM – Son del Barrio

Plus performances between bands by Norman’s own Prarie Folk Circus


Opolis Stage (113 N Crawford Ave)

Octopus Project12:00 AM – Octopus Project: It isn’t only Sooners returning for a second dip at Norman, as Austin’s Octopus Project come back (QRO photos at Norman ’08).  One of the few instrumental indie bands that’s as riveting to watch as any with a singer, Octopus Project (QRO photos at a festival) bring a refreshing élan to post-rock electronica, such as last year’s Golden Beds EP (QRO review) to last month’s HEXADECAGON audio-visual project.  They’re also known for their wide range of instruments (and the fact that everyone seems to switch around what they’re playing each time), from guitar to theremin.  And they bring come class whenever playing outdoors (QRO photos), thanks to their suit & ties – and the Yvonne Lambert’s ballroom gowns.

Colourmusic11:00 PM – Colourmusic: Oklahoma’s Colourmusic (QRO photos at a festival) also return to Norman (QRO photos at Norman ‘08), to take the strange from a totally different angle, combining the sixties pop of debut full-length f, monday, orange, february, venus, lunatic, 1 or 13 (QRO review) with an energetic live show (QRO live review) – watch out for streamers!  Or, in a word, "Yes!" (QRO video).

10:00 PM – Hush Hush Commotion

9:00 PM – Depth & Current

8:00 PM – Locust Avenue: Bringing some sunnier, neo-sixties sounds is Norman’s own Locust Avenue (QRO album review) – another act returning for a second year (QRO photos at Norman ‘09).Locust Avenue

7:00 PM – Junebug Spade

6:00 PM – Kite Flying Robot


The Brewhouse Stage (110 W Main St)

11:00 PM – Z’ebre
10:00 PM – Love Button
9:00 PM – Klipspringer
8:00 PM – Mama Sweet
7:00 PM – Lost At Sea
6:00 PM – Miracord


Alice Cooper ignoring BradChad PorterRed Room Stage (114 W Main St)

Local Comedy Showcase – The comedy/music festival connection comes to Norman, with a local comics showcase hosted by BradChad Porter, of ‘Famous People Ignoring Me’.

10:45 PM – Derek Smith
10:35 PM – T.R. DeGraw
10:30 PM – Kristin Rand
10:20 PM – Cameron Buchholtz
10:10 PM – Leah Kayajanian
Corbin Bernsen ignoring BradChad Porter10:05 PM – Stan Silliman
9:55 PM – Spencer Hicks
9:50 PM – Griff Pippin
9:40 PM – Dan Skaggs
9:30 PM – BradChad Porter (host & opener)

[email protected] showcase – Before the laughs comes a showcase of the Academy of Contemporary Music at University of Central Oklahoma.

9:00 PM – The City Lives
8:40 PM – J-Matic
ACM@UCO8:10 PM – Unmarked Cars
7:50 PM – A Picture of the World
7:20 PM – Saturday Sirens
7:00 PM – Blaise (satellite stage)
6:30 PM – Berkeley to DC (main stage)


The Dreamer Concepts Stage (324 E Main St)

8:00 PM to Midnight: Oklahoma Electronic Music Consortium

ethios411:00 PM – Sick Nick
10:00 PM – DJ Steve Morton
9:00 PM – ethios4
8:00 PM – P.O.T.E.
6:45 PM – blues jam session with The Stumblers
5:45 PM – Bungalouski
5:00 PM – Slam Poetry


Sonder Music Stage (225 E Gray)

9:00 PM – Circe
8:00 PM – Far Beyond
7:00 PM – Ivan Peña Trio
Indian Jewelry6:00 PM – Off Boyd Jazz
5:00 PM – Anthony Nagid Quartet


Guestroom Records Stage (125 E Main St)

10:40 PM – Dikes of Holland
9:50 PM – Love Collector
9:00 PM – Stuffies

8:00 PM – Indian Jewelry: Houston’s Indian Jewelry have been making a name for themselves in the burgeoning new ‘chillwave’ genre, thanks to sonic experiments and seizure-inducing live shows.

7:00 PM – Psychedelic Horseshit: Out of Columbus, Ohio, Psychedelic Horseshit have taken the shitgaze genre to heart, whether in the name of their band, or of last year’s Shitgaze Anthems.

Psychedelic Horseshit6:05 PM – Shitty/Awesome
5:10 PM – Boom Bang
4:10 PM – Gang Starr Museum
3:20 PM – Copperheads
2:30 PM – Easy Lovers
2:00 PM – White Girls


Michelangelo’s Coffee & Wine Bar Stage (207 E Main St)

Anvil Salute10:00 PM – Anvil Salute
9:00 PM – Shane Henry
8:30 PM – Mike ‘Walker Run’ Giroux
8:00 PM – Katie Mariah
7:30 PM – Russell Kabir
7:00 PM – Tracy Reed
6:30 PM – Jim Madsen
6:00 PM – John Houser
5:30 PM – Tod J. Barrett
5:00 PM – Farrel Droke


Bear ColonyBlackwatch Studios Stage (107 W Comanche – ‘round back)

1:15 AM – Native Lights
12:30 AM – Ishi

11:45 PM – Bear Colony: Enough about Oklahoma & Texas – Arkansas comes in with their eight-person indie-rock collective, Bear Colony (QRO album review).

11:00 PM – Odis
10:15 PM – The Burning Hotels
9:30 PM – Radiant

8:45 PM – Chase Pagan: Another Razorback at Norman is Mountain Home’s Chase Pagan, who recorded his sophomore release Bells & Whistles right at Blackwatch Studios in Norman.

Chase Pagan8:00 PM – Beau Jennings
7:15 PM – Jesse Aycock


Bill & Dees Stage (311 E Main St)

1:00 AM – Pidgin Band
12:00 AM – Venditos
11:00 PM – Bulletproof Tiger
10:00 PM – Whales and Purple
9:00 PM – Brad Fielder
8:00 PM – John Calvin
7:00 PM – Daniel Walcher
6:00 PM – Bloody Ol’ Mule

5:00 PM – Wild Moccasins: Norman Music Festival isn’t just a QRO-discovered favorite – they’re booking QRO-discovered favorites, like Houston’s Wild Moccasins (QRO live review).  The collective of kids (who are older than they look, but are they at drinking age yet?…) are coming out with their debut full-length, Skin Collusion Past, with songs like "Calendar" (QRO video) to go with Microscopic Metronomes EP pieces such as "Fruit Tea" (QRO video).

Wild Moccasins4:00 PM – Plaid Rabbit
3:00 PM – Zombie vs. Shark
2:00 PM – Flourish
1:00 PM – Tip-Top Secrets




Main Stage (Main St & James Garner Parkway)

Dirty Projectors9:30 PM – Dirty Projectors: What began as a solo project by songwriter David Longstreth has become so much more.  His Dirty Projectors (QRO photos at a festival) have not only grown in size (with three female co-vocalists – QRO photos at a festival), but also acclaim, thanks to last year’s Bitte Orca (QRO review).  Their arrhythmic stylings married to pitch-perfect harmonies take some getting used to, but many have (QRO photos at a festival), allowing for experiments like Rise Above, Longstreeth’s ‘reimagined’ back-to-front cover, from memory, of Black Flag’s seminal punk record Damaged, and recently performing their Getty Address top-to-bottom (QRO photos at a festival).

Electric Six8:00 PM – Electric Six: If Brooklyn’s Dirty Projectors (see above) bring the sweet & harmonious to Norman, Detroit’s Electric Six bring the wild & raucous.  Led by frontman extraordinaire Dick Valentine (QRO interview), Electric Six have some of the craziest concerts & crowds, whether in a classy setting (QRO live review), on a boat (QRO live review) or anywhere else (QRO live review).  They’re also an incredibly prolific band, with a record a year for over five years now, like last year’s Kill (QRO review), 2008’s Flashy (QRO review) & 2007’s I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Becoming the Master (QRO review).  But don’t worry – they draw from all of their ever-widening discography live, from newer numbers such as "Formula 409" (QRO video) – to even covering INXS (QRO video) to early The Swordclassics "Gay Bar" & "Danger! High Voltage" (QRO video).

6:30 PM – The Sword: And bringing the metal is Austin’s The Sword (QRO live review).  The heavy metal band has previously opened for the likes of Metallica (QRO photos on tour with The Sword) and Motörhead (QRO photos), but can more than hold their own.  They’ve got a new record in the works for 2010, following last year’s Gods of Earth, so look out!

5:00 PM – Edan with guest Dagha: Norman Music Festival gets even more diverse as it brings in Boston rapper/producer EdanEdan.  His slow boil first erupted over in the U.K., but his mix of hip-hop and sixties psychedelica on Beauty and The Beat has gotten him acclaim in the States.  And at Norman he’ll be joined by Beauty guest Dagha.

3:30 PM – Grupo Fantasma: From a very different side of Austin is the eleven-piece latin funk orchestra, Grupo Fantasma (QRO photos at a festival in Austin) returns to Norman.  Legends in their hometown, from providing horns to Austin’s made-big Spoon (QRO live review) to appearing twice on Austin City Limits (QRO Indie on Late Night TV).

2:30 PM – Jabee

Grupo Fantasma1:40 PM – Dead Sea Choir

12:50 PM – Mayola

12:00 PM – Gentle Ghost


Jagermeister Stage (Main & Porter)

Leon Russell9:00 PM – Leon Russell: True son of the Oklahoma soil, Leon Russell’s authentic mix of authentic Americana has been going for over half a century, and has played the likes of George Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh, Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs & Englishmen tour, Willie Nelson’s Fourth of July Picnics, and the 2010 Grammys as part of the Zac Brown Band.

7:00 PM – James McMurtry

6:00 PM – The Gourds

5:00 PM – Those Darlins: Tennessee Appalachian trio Those Darlins have managed to get serious attention in the indiesphere, thanks to connections like producer Jeff Curtin (QRO interview – of Family Time, and also producer of Vampire Weekend), or ukulele-ist Nikki Darlin being engaged to Deer Tick singer/guitarist John McCauley (he even popped the question while Darlin was guest-spotting on stage with Deer Tick – QRO photos).  But the lovely ladies’ backwoods sound can more than hold its own, especially in middle of America.

Those Darlins4:00 PM – Li’l Cap’n Travis

3:00 PM – Hosty

2:00 PM – The HillBenders

1:00 PM – Chuck Allen Floyd

12:00 PM – Queen Of Monroe


Sooner Theatre Stage (101 E Main St)

The Non7:00 PM – The Non + Cloud Collision Orchestra: Oklahoma City’s The Non burst out in a wave of experimental post-rock in 2007 with Paper City, and have followed it up this year with Tadaima.  Now they team up with Cloud Collision Orchestra to wash over Norman.

6:00 PM – Unwed Sailor: Johnathan Ford may have formed Unwed Sailor in Seattle, but he was born in Oklahoma, and this Okie’s coming home for Norman.  His rotating Unwed roster has included everyone from Pedro the Lion’s David Bazan to various members of Fleet Foxes (QRO album review) and Bear Colony (see above).

Unwed Sailor5:00 PM – Jacob Abello
4:00 PM – Fiawna Forte
3:00 PM – Pretty Black Chains
2:00 PM – Fate Lions
1:00 PM – Alex and the Anders


Opolis Stage (113 N Crawford Ave)

5:30 PM – Deerpeople

4:30 PM – Ghost of Monkshood: Norman’s psychedelic, intricate, exquisite Ghost of Monkshood return for a second year of the festival Ghost of Monkshood(QRO photos at Norman ‘08).

3:30 PM – Brother Bear
2:45 PM – The Toothman
2:00 PM – Debris’
1:15 PM – Euclid Crash
12:30 PM – Brother Gruesome


The Little Rockers Kid Stage (city parking lot just north of Main St in the 200 block)

For all the families at Norman, the littlest of rockers get their own space with science experiments (courtesy of Science Museum Oklahoma), face painting, ‘rock star hair spray’ ("You want the Justin Bieber or the Adam Lambert?…), temporary tattoos, arts & crafts & its own line-up:Sooner Theater

6:00 PM – OU Steel Drum Band
5:00 PM – Showcase: Sonder Music, Dance & Art
4:00 PM – Sugar Free All-stars
3:00 PM – Showcase: The Studio of the Sooner Theater
2:00 PM – Balcum Rancum Puppetry
1:00 PM – Showcase: Norman Music Institute
12:00 PM – Showcase: McMichael Music


The Brewhouse Stage (110 W Main St)

7:00 PM – Audra Mae

6:00 PM – Sherree Chamberlain: After nearly three years of work, Oklahoma City’s Sherree Chamberlain finally released her debut, A Wasp In the Room in 2009, and she’s returning to Norman Sherree Chamberlain (QRO photos at Norman ‘09), debut-in-hand.

5:00 PM – Ali Harter
4:00 PM – Maggie McClure
3:00 PM – Green Corn Revival
2:00 PM – The Lily Guild
1:00 PM – Wondernaut
12:00 PM – The Candyguns


Red Room Stage (114 W Main St)

Eagle Claw8:00 PM – Eagle Claw: The Austin metal of acts like The Sword (see above) and Austin post-rock of acts like Octopus Project (see above) meet in Eagle Claw.  ‘The Claw’ come as tour support for The Sword, but get to headline their own stage at Norman.

7:00 PM – Algebra

6:00 PM – Scales of Motion

5:00 PM – 8 Bit Cynics

4:00 PM – Hiphopotamus: Totally stole his name from Flight of the Conchords (QRO live review) – don’t let Rhymenoceros find out!

Hiphopotamus3:00 PM – Venus Bogardus

2:00 PM – Radio Deception

1:00 PM – Quantum Turbo


The Dreamer Concepts Stage (324 E Main St)

Camille Harp7:00 PM – Camille Harp
6:00 PM – Resident Funk
5:00 PM – Dylan Hammett
4:00 PM – Tiger Blood
3:00 PM – Lands Bejeweled
2:00 PM – Palit
1:00 PM – Never Satisfied
12:30 PM – Brian Blackwood
12:00 PM – Loss of Season


Michelangelo’s Coffee & Wine Bar Stage (207 E Main St)

6:00 PM – Steven Pitman & Katie Mariah
5:00 PM – Chad Dorough
4:00 PM – Dustin Prinz
3:00 PM – Dante and The Hawks
2:00 PM – Post Arcadia
1:00 PM – Daddy Love
12:00 PM – Gregg Standridge & Robert Bartlett
11:30 AM – Matt Stratton
11:00 AM – Tom Crider


Blackwatch Studios Stage (107 W Comanche – ‘round back)

1:30 AM – DJs
12:45 AM – Chrome Pony
12:00 AM – The Workweek
11:15 PM – Broncho


The Orbans5:30 PM – The Orbans
4:45 PM – OK Sweat Heart
4:00 PM – Brine Webb
3:15 PM – Paul Benjamin
2:30 PM – Marcy Priest
1:45 PM – Cecada
1:00 PM – The Red Alert
12:15 PM – The Boy Modern


Bill & Dees Stage (311 E Main St)

The Panda Resistance12:00 AM – Giggle Party
11:00 PM – Noonday Morningstar
7:00 PM – The Panda Resistance
6:00 PM – Miss Blues
5:00 PM – Psychotic Reaction
4:00 PM – The Rum Fellows
3:00 PM – Hector Backwoods
2:00 PM – SmallWolf
1:00 PM – Extra Ginger


Spoken Word Stage (corner of Peters & Main St)

7:00 PM – Open Mic
6:30 PM – Poetry Slam Round 3
6:00 PM – Greg Rodgers
5:30 PM – Nathan Brown
4:30 PM – Marty Peercy (music)
4:00 PM – Rob Sturma
3:30 PM – Melissa May
3:00 PM – Poetry Slam Round 2
2:30 PM – Dorothy Alexander
2:00 PM – Charles Martin
1:30 PM – Poetry Slam Round 1b
1:00 PM – Joshua Garrett
12:30 PM – David Slemmons
12:00 PM – Poetry Slam Round 1a




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