Nothing – Tired of Tomorrow

Dominic Palermo is successfully reborn....
Nothing : Tired of Tomorrow
7.5 Relapse

Nothing : Tired of TomorrowDomenic Palermo successfully turned his life around with his new band Nothing, going from jail time for a stabbing at a hardcore show to an acclaimed post-hardcore shoegaze record, Guilty of Everything (QRO review), in 2014. While follow-up Tired of Tomorrow can’t match that surprise, it is in many ways a more accomplished album.

That accomplishment is in the album’s start, beginning with the epic fuzz of opener “Fever Queen”. Nothing employ fuzz right, from the sweeter post-rock emotion of “The Dead Are Dumb” to the harder “Curse of the Sun”. “Vertigo Flowers” is that expansive indie-fuzz that manages to be catchy as well, while the following “A.C.D. (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder) expands grandly and nicely.

Admittedly, the back half of Tomorrow repeats the fuzz horse a bit too much (save for the stripped to piano, vox and strings titular closer). But Palermo is successfully reborn.

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