of Montreal : Live on Halloween

<img src="http://www.qromag.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/ofmontrealoct30.jpg" alt="of Montreal : Live" />of Montreal played a sold-out Halloween show in their hometown of Athens, Georgia. ...
of Montreal : Live
of Montreal

Kevin BarnesOf Montreal’s sold-out hometown Halloween show on October 30th began with a set by DJ List Cristee (of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes) that allowed Athens’ 40 Watt to fill up and the audience to loosen up before the band hit the stage.  The set was highly anticipated by fans as it was publicized that the band would perform the entire 2007 album Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? (QRO review).

When of Montreal took the stage, Bryan Poolethe entire band wore full body skeleton costumes and black and white skeleton face paint.  It was a rock set only, no theatrics other than the costumes.  Frontman Barnes sang and played guitar the entire time accompanied side-by-side by guitarist extraordinaire Bryan Poole and Dottie Alexander on keyboards.  Alexander played one or two songs on guitar, which K Ishibashi, a.k.a. Kishi Bashi, the violin player, borrowed later for a song.  Julian Koster returned for the show, playing keyboards and Dottie Alexanderpercussion in the back underneath the pumpkins that spelled OF MONTREAL.  After playing the entire album in order, two extra tracks were played, “Du Og Meg” and “No Conclusion”, but no songs other than those from Hissing Fauna were played.  Southern Shelter has the entire show available here: http://southernshelter.com/2011/10/of-montreal-40-watt-club-102911/

K IshibashiAfterwards, a theatrical troupe similar to, if not the same as, of Montreal’s troupe began setting up the DJ booth onstage.  The two main female characters of Harouki Zombi wore Japanese kimonos and wigs.  It was a nice set up, complete with a parade around the audience for the stage entrance.  Those that stayed only numbered about fifty or so people, but they were treated to balloons and other party goods while music played.
of Montreal

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