Old 97’s

QRO's new spotlight is on Old 97's....
Old 97's

QRO’s new spotlight is on Old 97’s.


Name: Old 97’s

Hometown: Dallas, TX (originally)

Members: Ken Bethea, Murry Hammond, Rhett Miller, Philip Peeples

Albums: Hitchhike to Rhome (1994), Stoned / Garage Sale (with Funland) (1995), Wreck Your Life (1995), Too Far to Care (1997), Fight Songs (1999), Early Tracks (2000), Satellite Rides (2001), Drag It Up (2004), Alive & Wired (2005), Hit by a Train: The Best of Old 97’s (2006), Blame It On Gravity (2008), Mimeograph EP (2010), The Grand Theatre, Volume One (2010), The Grand Theatre, Volume Two (2011), Old 97’s & Waylon Jennings (2013), Most Messed Up (2014), Graveyard Whistling (2017), Love the Holidays (2018), Twelfth (2020)

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