Papercuts : You Can Have What You Want

<img src="" alt="Papercuts : You Can Have What You Want" />Chilled, throwback psych jams as smooth as you'd like. ...
Papercuts : You Can Have What You Want
7.7 Gnomonsong

On Jason Quever’s third album as Papercuts, he lays yet another handful of breezy, cerebral vibes on the table.  Swaying rhythms give way to loose, hippie-meets-mod melodies all over the well-laid back You Can Have What You Want.

With the sense of being sedated, the tracks on the album float by in soft, lulling patterns of bedroom rock and varying levels of orchestration.  Acoustic guitars, piano, and early rock drumming combine with Quever’s ethereal vocals to give You Can Have What You Want a surreal, droning atmosphere similar to that of collaborator Alex Scally’s band Beach House.  A Doors-ian organ appears on the album occasionally, giving it an even tripper feel at times. 

With a heartbeat that’s ultra casual, You Can Have What You Want is another fine escape from the modern world.  It’s elegantly put together in such a cozy fashion that it immediately dissolves any stress. 

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