Pursesnatchers : A Pattern Language

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Pursesnatchers : A Pattern Language
8.0 Uninhabitable Mansions

Pursesnatchers : A Pattern Language Remember that fuzzy rock you loved?  Not ultra-introspective shoegaze, nor atmospheric airiness, nor reaching-for-the-rafters anthemistic expanse, but just fuzzy indie-rock?  The kind where you could still make out the guitars, balanced between just enough pressure and expanse?  Pursesnatchers brings it back with their debut, A Pattern Language.

A pseudo-side-project of Au Revoir Simone’s (QRO spotlight on) Annie Hart (QRO interview), a pseudo-successor to the late Dirty On Purpose (Hart’s husband Doug Mervin’s former band, which Hart also contributed to), Pursesnatchers stand on their own with A Pattern Language, especially with the first two tracks, "Forever Overhead" and "Mechanical Rabbits".  The two pieces have exactly the right amount of fuzz, pressure, and expanse, with a nice balance between the Mervin’s guitars and Hart’s vocals.  The fuzz that follows on songs such as "Wet Cement" can get a little familiar, but also gives you that fuzzy, tingly feeling on the back of your head that you get when in a kind of Zen distraction (or using Selson Blue…).

Sometimes Pursesnatchers reduce or restrain themselves, such as "A Parting Prayer", "Kissena Park", and "The Transubstantiationalist", limiting their achievement.  And Pursesnatchers are best when Hart is fully included, like the enchanting "Third Body Problem", swishing "Baseball On the Radio", or sweet, innocent wandering of "Lost In Los Angeles", as opposed to the twinkle goodbye closer "Waxwings".

Gone-too-soon Dirty On Purpose were experts in fuzzy indie-rock, so it’s great that Mervin has kept it up in his new project.  And anything with Hart always wins.  Here’s hoping Pursesnatchers becomes/stays a band in its own right.

MP3 Stream: "Mechanical Rabbits"

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