Radar Bros. : Auditorium

<img src="http://www.qromag.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/radarbrosauditorium.jpg" alt=" " /> The band's fifth album has a far more relaxed tone than its alt-rock contemporaries, yet stays poignant and driven. ...
6.6 Merge

Slow, flowing tracks coat Auditorium as it resonates a combination of 60’s pop and 90’s alternative under Jim Putnam’s throaty melodies.  Endearing and smooth, the entire album coasts by with a strong theme of pleasantness.

From the top of Auditorium to the bottom, no track goes faster than a trot, and the album’s heartbeat remains sturdy and calm throughout.  "When Cold Air Goes to Sleep" is driven by a cymbal-tapping beat, Putnam’s cool strain, and rambling electric guitar.  "Happy Spirits" features a sleepy acoustic guitar, breezy piano, and glowing vocal harmonies.  "Hills of Stone" goes as far as to include a soft electronic buzz with its quiet, shuffling rhythm/piano combination.  "Watching Cows", the second track to involve cows in its title, starts off highly subdued before evolving into a wiry country/western ballad. 

Strongly thematic in its feathery alt-rock cool, Auditorium is clearly meant for times when energy isn’t a premium.  It’s enough to lower blood pressure and cure insomnia while also a genuinely worthwhile glimpse of the softer side of countrified guitar/piano.  The melodies are gorgeous, the rhythms soothing, and altogether a charming slice of Americana.

MP3 Stream: "Warm Rising Sun"

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