As Tall As Lions : Into the Flood EP

<img src="" alt=" " />The Brooklyn band fills the gap between their second and third albums with a five-song EP that balances a rugged alternative sound with graceful flow....
6.5 Triple Crown

Into the Flood features mellow, orchestral rock, alternative overdrives, and piano ballads that stay strong throughout.  It’s a slick teaser while they work on their new album, and easily riles new anticipation.

The first track, "505" begins with a distanced vocal serenade and delicate acoustic guitar that are joined by a slow, poignant drum track and string combination.  The title track includes wildly distorted guitars interspersed with quiet, crooning verses.  "We’re the Ones That Keep You Warm" is neatly relaxed, "Breakers" has a highly engaging drumbeat combined with flighty vocals, and "Blacked Out" is a calm, Floydian end to the disc. 

Into the Flood has a definitive consistency, as it pushes through an alternative maze without ever getting lost.   Its energy is constantly being checked by striking transitions, and while it leans towards a Top 40 vibe at times, it doesn’t sacrifice integrity for an easier, more friendly sound.  It’s right on the cusp of sounding "big" without pulling any cheap moves.

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