Audrey : The Fierce and the Longing

<img src="" alt=" " />Melancholy softness gracefully meets cold ruggedness on Audrey's second album.  ...
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The all-female, Swedish four-piece delivers an almost sinister performance in the midst of a charming lounge-rock atmosphere.  Dark electric guitars and ominous vocals lead the jazzy pop quartet through the chilling, but magnetic The Fierce and the Longing.

The album is full of sleek moments, but tracks like the opener "Big Ships" and the jazz flow of "Carving and Searching" stand out among the smoky, smooth alternative rhythms.    Overall, it's restrained and troubled, with titles like "Bleak" and "Black Hearts" contributing the most to the mood.  Steely guitars, clever strings, and sensual vocals combine to give most of the songs a mysterious beauty.

The Fierce and the Longing is pensive, reflective, and sleek.  Audrey don't go out of their way to let the listener feel welcome, and it's pretty refreshing.  The album's made for nights spent wondering.

MP3 Stream: "Carving and Searching"

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