caUSE co-MOTION! : It’s Time!: Singles and EPs 2005 to 2008

<img src="" alt=" " />Brooklyn’s garage gets poppy with a collection of singles and EPs from caUSE co-MOTION!....
7.2 Slumberland

 Brooklyn’s garage gets poppy with a collection of singles and EPs from caUSE co-MOTION!.  Along with borough-mates Crystal Stilts (QRO photos) and Vivian Girls (QRO photos), caUSE co-MOTION! has been part of a revival in neo-fifties garage-rock sounds.  While Crystal went darker and Vivian utilized girl-group theatrics, caUSE co-MOTION! are short & sweet on It’s Time!: Singles and EPs 2005-08.

It’s Time! is very much a collection of singles, with nearly each one bright and catchy, but also limited in duration.  Sometimes it’s juvenile fun, like opener “Only Fades Away” or “This Just Won’t Last”, other times garage-jangle, such as “This Time Next Year and “When Will It Finally End?”.  While quick and to the point, caUSE co-MOTION! is sometimes too quick, like on “Take a Look” or “You Don’t Say”.

Really, the band is better when they add something more to the mix, which thankfully does crop up more than a few times on It’s Time!.  “Baby Don’t Do It” is speedier and sharper, while there’s more catch on “Which Way Is Up?”.  Yet the best is when they try to add some effects to their garage-pop sound, such as the clean echo on “Don’t You Know?” and the fuzzier nature of “Who’s Gonna Care?”, which make both more memorable.  But finest is “Say What You Feel”: removed, with a strong, clear reverb, this garage-road piece shows growth for a band that could, frankly, use it.

It’s Time! ends well, on a more laid-back note with “Cry For Attention”, but the sadder “Falling Again” is muddled (sort of a direction caUSE co-MOTION! shouldn’t go).  And occasionally, the vocals are weak, such as with “Only Fades Away” and “I Lie Awake”.  Maybe not as ‘remarkable’ as the debuts from Crystal Stilts (QRO review) or Vivian Girls (QRO review), caUSE co-MOTION! does still need some more work, but they’ve taken a good first step.

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