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<img src="" alt="" />Swedish punk-poppers Love Is All see five of their songs get remixed by variety of British artists that begin to touch on the band's electronic potential....
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While the hook in Love Is All’s music lives in their energy and friendly punk atmosphere, there’s plenty of reasons to warrant a remix album.  Love Is All Mixed Up is a nice twist with a checkered variety of electro-templates applied to their signature sound.

The album begins and ends on two of its strongest tracks, both of them being "Felt Tip" remixes.  The first one is a smooth, shimmering take by buzz-worthy act frYars.  Singer Ben Garrett adds his own slow crooning vocals as a complement to Love Is All frontlady Josephine Olausson’s more desperate shout.  On the final track, Hot Chips also slows the original down and adds a liquid dance environment through multiple synths and a bouncing beat. 

In between, there a few other cuts that stand out from the typical remix style.  The Bees’ version of "Make Out Fall Out Make Up" is a rolling, funked-out tune complete with horns and organ that builds until it reaches a romping climax of swirling instruments, authentic and synthetic.   Maps’ take on "Turn the Radio Off" features raved-out offshoots that explodes into a dense wash of synths and a pounding beat to match.  While the remainder of the tracks tend to extend clips of songs into long stretches and splice in Olausson’s voice with less regard, these tracks stick their heads above the pack.

With so much energy and consistently infectious party vibes, it’s easy to see why Love Is All’s catalog is worth a remix album.  Love Is All Mixed Up takes a mostly electronic direction on each track, and highlight some of Love Is All’s strongest moments with new effects.  Remixes usually come at a dime a dozen, but these are actually worth something.

MP3 Stream: "Felt Tip (frYars remix)"

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