Patrick Watson – Love Songs For Robots

Patrick Watson reappears again!...
Patrick Watson : Love Songs For Robots
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Patrick Watson : Love Songs For RobotsPatrick Watson reappears again! The Quebecois singer/songwriter has made a habit of disappearing only to reemerge, much like the ethereal music he makes. Love Songs For Robots continues the subdued intimacy of 2012 prior Adventures In Your Own Backyard (QRO review).

Despite the name, Robots is not tech-laden (but neither was Damon Albarn’s Everyday RobotsQRO review), rather airy beauty from the opener/title track on. There are moments where Watson goes bigger & even (relatively) louder, such as in the middle of “Bollywood” or in final song “Places You Will Go”, but this is a quiet record even if you turn up the volume. There are also some new elements, such as the steel-twang to “Good Morning Mr. Wolf” or the tropicalia on “Hearts”, but more likely is the stripped down to harmonies & echoes “In Circles” or spacey intimacy of “Alone In This World”.

Love Songs For Robots isn’t going to shock the world like his 2007 Polaris Music Prize win for Close To Paradise (QRO review), but it is mo’ beauty.

Patrick Watson – Love Songs For Robots

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