Pedaljets – Twist the Lens

If music is going anywhere right now, aside from towards pop, it is mostly just more foreboding....
PedalJets : Twist the Lens
8.7 Electric Moth

Pedaljets : Twist the LensIf music is going anywhere right now, aside from towards pop, it is mostly just more foreboding, and the recently reunited Pedaljets lyrics hang among the aura of guitar and fancy lead drum licks with twangy choruses in new release Twist the Lens. From recent darkly pop singles, “Sleepy Girl” and “Uncounted Heads” to the other notes of somber, joyous, nineties-alternative-pop tribute, there is a brooding redemption in The Pedaljets’ fabulous sounding new album.

With joyous feel and dancing in title track single, “Twist the Lens”, and even more in “Downtown”, which is like a happier Meat Puppets. However, is it unique enough to stand apart from many similar artists who do not have to the alternative pop fame of The Replacements or the electronic influence of Spoon.

Somewhat yes, but as good as opener “Disassociation Blues” and closer “Fader” are at making a warmth and energy come from the guitars, perhaps it needs some more movement than jangle, occasionally of both there is plenty on tracks like “Loved a Stone”, “Placid City Girl” or “One Away”, but it could still use more artistic movement and guitar freedom everywhere else. Especially on what is perhaps the most unique track, the plodding, even prodding, dark alternative in “Transfer is Done”. “What Only Cats Chase” is the only folky acoustic pop number adding some intrigue.

Sure, overall the sound of Twist The Lens is electric, the guitar is catchy and the lyrics are clever, with great lines like, “We’re all strangers with basic needs, that need to be forgot” and “Have you ever loved A Stone?”, it could just use some more genre bending instrument layers or chorus harmonies, as the base riffs and vocals make a great LP already.

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