Telekinesis – Effluxion

Michael Benjamin Lerner largely returns to his Telekinesis roots on 'Effluxion'....
Telekinesis : Effluxion
7.4 Merge

Telekinesis : Effluxion

Michael Benjamin Lerner’s garage-pop project Telekinesis came up during the garage-rock boom of a decade ago, one of many – perhaps not the most inspired, but one of the more enjoyable. But that was then, and this is now, where everyone’s got synthesizers & remixes and garages are for Bentleys. Yet Lerner largely returns to his roots on Effluxion.

This is not a sad record. Throughout Effluxion, the music is shiny and sweet, upbeat, not downbeat. There’s the Beatles-esque cheer of “Like Nothing”, and acoustic sweetness into rock sweetness “Set a Course”. The album closes with its two strongest tracks, the really catchy & fun garage-pop of “A Place In the Sun” and the more interesting shine to “Out for Blood”, including, yes, electronica.

Today everything feels so dramatic, everything needs to be significant, even the comedians are trying to make a difference. Effluxion is an enjoyable throwback to when one could actually just have fun.

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