The Spinto Band – Cool Cocoon

If you want to cheer up, listen to The Spinto Band....
The Spinto Band : Cool Cocoon
7.2 Spintonic

The Spinto Band : Cool CocoonCheery sounds have been making a comeback in the alt-world, whether girl-group garage or shiny little ditties, but one act that’s been doing it longer than most is Delaware’s The Spinto Band.  They had a breakthrough hit way back in 2005 with “Oh Mandy” off of Nice and Nicely Done, and have kept going since with 2008’s Moonwink (QRO review) and last year’s Shy Pursuit (QRO review).  Cool Cocoon doesn’t wildly change up their formula, but they didn’t really need to.

Like prior Spinto records, Cocoon’s strength is in its cheer and enjoyableness.  Tracks like opener/single “Shake It Off”, the following hepstepper “Amy + Jen”, and especially “She Don’t Want Me” (hopefully not about “Mandy”…) are undeniably enjoyable, and infectious in their cheer.  There is some variation on Cocoon, like the slyer “Memo”, tropical croon “Static”, more neo-Beatles “Enemy”, and twinkling closer “Breath Goes In”, but it’s the cheer where the band does best.

Also like prior Spinto records, one could critique the band for lack of complexity or evolution – but that’s kind of beside the point.  If you want to cheer up, listen to The Spinto Band.

The Spinto Band – She Don't Want Me

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