The Postmarks : Memoirs At The End Of The World

<img src="" alt="The Postmarks: Memoirs At The End Of The World" />Quite possibly the smoothest album of the year. ...
The Postmarks
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The Postmarks’ second original album, Memoirs at the End of the World, might be the classiest record you hear all year.  Putting San Diego to shame, the Miami-based trio loads it up with shimmering lounge-pop combined with clever twists and slick-backed production.  Memoirs… is a charmingly seductive affair: full of smoky melodies and a wonderful array of old school rhythms.

From the opening, 007-esque "No One Said This Would Be Easy", the band strongly establishes one of the album’s main themes: elegance.  Lush orchestration blends with a mellow rock movement while singer Tim Yehezkely’s dry delivery smoothly fills in the gaps.  From there, the album jumps around various levels of energy while maintaining a glamorous atmosphere.   The ’60s-twee romp "My Lucky Charm" is the most up-tempo offering on Memoirs… while "Run Away Love" and "I’m In Deep" shows off the threesome’s complex understanding of moods.  

On Memoirs…, The Postmarks subtly execute a substantial amount of experimentation without disrupting the ultra-cool vibe.  The harpsichord-and-digitally enhanced jam "For Better Or Worse?" is a powerful example of their ability to blend throwback and modern sounds with ease.  The slow acoustic dirge "All You Ever Wanted" is based on circularly strange (but fantastic) percussion while a sitar and swirling brass accentuate it.  The closing track "Gone" ends the album on a well-chilled note, as several layers of chamber-pop gorgeousness flow in a deep current.  

It’s almost guaranteeable that you’ll struggle to find a cooler album than Memoirs at the End of the World this year.  It’s sexy, innocent, careful and care-free at the same time and filtered through stratospherically skilled production.  If this is what the end of the world sounds like, we’ll all be pretty relaxed about it.

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