Tonne – Bridey Murphy EP

At just four songs, 'Bridey Murphy EP' is short & sweet, but definitely sweet....
Tonne : Bridey Murphy EP
7.7 Self-released

Tonne : Bridey Murphy EPJay Tonne came up in the Austin indie music scene with his band Black Forest Fire, but moved back to his home state of Colorado to pursue his master’s. He didn’t give up his pursuit of music, and now has put together the new EP Bridey Murphy.

At just four songs, Bridey is short & sweet, but definitely sweet. The sunny relax on pieces such as “Jesus, Julie Christie!” (the best song to namecheck the Doctor Zhivago actress since Yo La Tengo’s “Tom Courtenay”) and “The Great Game” shines without being too shiny, or just shiny.

Hopefully Jay Tonne will put together a full-length under his new Tonne name. Until then, enjoy Bridey Murphy.

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