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<img src="https://www.qromag.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/09/kasabianlive.jpg" alt=" " />Kasabian kicked off the American leg of their <em>Empire </em>tour in Boston on Sunday at the Paradise in front of a packed house, half of...

 Kasabian kicked off the American leg of their Empire tour in Boston on Sunday at the Paradise in front of a packed house, half of which were British.   And drunk.  It had been two years since their last show there, and frontman Tom Meighan made sure everyone knew how much they were missed.  With such a large overseas contingency in the audience, the band seemed to feel more familiar with their surroundings.  

The band started with "Shoot the Runner", the latest single off the new album, which set a blistering tone.  Next came "Reason Is Treason", and most of the crowd sang along.   Tom did his Mick impersonation well throughout the set, getting everyone to throw their hands up on multiple occasions.  They played "Empire" a third of the way through, and the doomsday background horns incited the crowd.  A lot of the new songs have extra sounds going on compared to the first album, and they all translated live well.   While a couple of songs tended to run a little long, most of them were just right.   The band shuffled instruments for one of the songs, then ultimately finished with "L.S.F.", which was a massive shout-a-long.  

The band left the stage with everyone begging for an encore they never received, but folks mostly left the show with worlds sufficiently rocked.  The group of rowdy Irish drunks seemed to enjoy it the most, and the band showed love to them on the way out, and gave fives to people in the front row.  

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