Ra Ra Riot : Live 4-25-08

<img src="https://www.qromag.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/rarariotmiddleeast.jpg" alt=" " />On a Friday night in April, Ra Ra Riot rolled into the Middle East in Cambridge, MA. ...

Right at the halfway mark in their co-headlining tour with The Little Ones, the show was packed and everyone on stage and in the crowd got down.  In many ways, Ra Ra Riot embodies spring and for that it became an even better performance.

With a lively amount of energy and a mobile audience, the six-piece bounced an extended set-list off the the low ceiling, full of several new tracks.  "Too Too Too Fast", "Oh La", and "Run My Mouth Off" as well as John Pike's "St. Peter's Day Festival" found their way in their set among each of the tracks off their debut self-titled EP.  The night felt young throughout, as the band let it all hang out as usual and gave as personable a performance as any band out there.  They finished with the stellar "Dying Is Fine" with their usual power to a glowing crowd.  

Playing with Hooray For Earth and The Little Ones gave Ra Ra Riot good company to throw down with on a spring Friday.  As they prepare for their debut album release, this show was a highly positive exhibition of what's to come.

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