Sunset Strip : Day Two

<img src="" alt=" " />Day Two of the Sunset Strip Music Fest was about as eventful as the first. ...
The Expendables

Day Two of the Sunset Strip Music Fest was about as eventful as the first.  It looked like a regular night on the strip to most passersby because all of the festival performances took place inside the legendary clubs lining these several blocks of rock music history.

QRO was able to catch Young Rapscallions at the Roxy.  Their straight ahead punk rock music was shy of memorable, but everyone there will remember that their drummer is actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin from the movie Superbad).  Occasional cheers for "McLovin" could be heard from the crowd during Young Rapscallion’s set.  Following was a group from Long Beach called Pour Habit.  Super high-energy punk/reggae had some of the young fans in a mosh circle.  Their lead singer was all over the club, singing, and McLovin!standing on a wall dividing the tables from the standing area.  Few bands had as much fun last night as Pour Habit.  The headliners at the Roxy were The Expendables, and after a long delay, they finally took the stage and were welcomed by cheering fans.  Puffs of smoke rising from the audience seemed to parallel songs like "Ganja Smuggling".  Their music ranged from reggae to hard punk rock, and the audience swayed or moshed accordingly.
Nico Vega

Nico VegaNico Vega gave a spectacular performance at the Key Club opening for Unwritten Law.  Some of the most melodic music of Friday night, she, her guitarist, and her drummer were able to fill the Key Club with great sound just as a trio.  Her antics on stage were wild and no holds barred.  Even if the audience didn’t know what the songs were about, we knew she meant it.  Unwritten Law took the stage to close out the night at the Key Club with some hard garage rock.  They inspired some moshing, and their bass player had a distinctive way of singing up into the microphone.

Finally over at the Whiskey, probably the biggest name of the night, P.O.D. played to a packed house of appreciative and devoted fans.  For them the Whiskey holds a lot of memories as they told us because they played there when no one knew of them back in the early ‘90s, then they played there for Atlantic records in ‘98 right before they signed a deal, and now they were playing again.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!  Smashing Pumpkins, Slash with Myles Kennedy and Fergie, Common, Kid Cudi, Neon Trees, Steel Panther, Semi-Precious Weapons.


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