Way Out Weird

<img src="https://www.qromag.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/wayoutweirdrecap.jpg" alt="Way Out Weird : Live" />The Way Out Weird show last Thursday in Chicago, co-hosted by QRO & Cream Team, was a night of curious noise,...
Way Out Weird : Live
Way Out Weird

The Way Out Weird showcase last Thursday, April 21st, in Chicago, co-hosted by QRO & Cream Team , was a night of curious noise, karaoke, and firsts of all sorts.

Here’s some definite firsts.  The first music event at the VFW Blackhawk Post #7975.  The first time QRO & Cream Team ever partied without Four Loko (it’s doable!).  The first time New Haven’s EULA rocked Chicago.  The first time Bill the Vet ever saw a grown man wrestle a sheet of aluminum (cheers to Shattered Hymen!).

Here’s some probable firsts.  The first time DJ Supreme Cuts ever had karaoke as an opening act.  The first time QRO & Cream Team ever had qualified bartenders serving up the drinks.  The first time a couple ever "went for it" in the bathroom of the VFW Hall.

And these are likely not firsts at all.  The first time the QRO & Cream Team got lazy about collecting the door fee.  The first time Tankboy butchered a karaoke version of "Sweet Caroline".  The first time Rebecca from Panda Riot ever aced a Carpenters’ cover. The first time Names Divine rolled 7-8 deep at a show, including a theremin player.  The first time anyone ever lit a cigarette, fire ordinance be damned, in the VFW Hall.

Firsts all around!  Rumor has it there’s talk of turning Way Out Weird into a semi-regular party, so maybe those firsts will turn into seconds and more.  Much love to all the bands involved.  EULA just dropped their new album Maurice Narcisse (official record release soon) so watch for that.  Names Divine and Shattered Hymen are both homegrown Chicago acts, look for them around town.  And hats off to DJ Supreme Cuts: thanks for closing out Way Out Weird right!  Thanks as well to Joe, Bill, the VFW Blackhawk post staff, and everyone that lent a hand to make this a great night.  Stay weird!

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