RJD2 – Dame Fortune

The newest RJD2 'Dame Fortune' is exceptional, and distinct from his contemporaries’ recent work....
RJD2 : Dame Fortune
8.4 RJ’s Electrical Connections

RJD2 : Dame FortuneThe newest RJD2 Dame Fortune is exceptional, and distinct from his contemporaries’ recent work. In fact all of the songs are good, loops or, anything else required listening for good rhythm like previous track “A Beautiful Mine”. “The Roaming Hoard” is perfect like that loop style, beyond the roaming hoard is perfectly synced with modern style, this type of album is the type the modern world needs, electro-funk for long boring nights and work time.

Though not perfect with some simplicity it is also innovative and overly joyous, the first four songs are a great example of this, perfectly harmonized for a new-wave sound the last seven, are ok as well, just good enough to wrap up a neat little release for a beat crazy rap heavy industry for music right now.

Overall, “A Portal Inward” and “Portals Outward (Feat. Son Little)” pieces are good, ”Band of Matron Saints (Feat. Josh Krajcik)” is solid, and “Up in the Clouds (Feat. Blueprint)” is borderline piano perfect, with trippy, wondering light sounding vibes, almost necessary to make the album not too dark. Then there is “Your Nostalgic Heart and Lung”, which continues the loops, while “The Sheboygan Left”, “Saboteur Feat. Phonte Colman)” and “PF, Day One” are all ok.

Even, “We Come Alive (Feat. Son Little) is solid atmospheric beats. The always-notable RJD2 is consistently interesting, and a breath of fresh air in mundane beats scene, and he delivers on Dame Fortune. Perfect for RJD2 and some others, if not all six billion people.

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