Rubblebucket – Live

It was never a secret that Rubblebucket puts on a great show....
Rubblebucket : Live

Rubblebucket : Live


It was never a secret that Rubblebucket puts on a great show.  If you’ve ever been to one of their countless performances, including their two-night run in NYC last January, you’ll know that this Brooklyn-based band practically emits contagious rays of happiness.  This was even clearer moments before the sold-out show on Thursday, November 21st, at The Music Hall of Williamsburg (QRO venue review), when fans left and right were gushing about their best Rubblebucket experiences:

“There was a giant foam vagina on stage…”

“I saw them last night at Syracuse and broke my leg.  But they were so awesome I drove all the way down to NYC to see them again!”

“I have a secret lesbian crush on that singer.  She totally looks like Zooey Deschanel (QRO photos) but like, hotter.”

Kalima TraverAfter openers Star Rover and Body Language loosened up the crowd, Rubblebucket marched on stage.  But even before they struck a note, the crowd was taken back because Kalima Traver’s “Zooey Deschanel”-esque locks were nowhere to be seen – underneath her baseball cap, scarf, and lacquered layer of glitter-glue, she was 110% bald.

There’s always so much to say about Rubblebucket’s performance, and it’s hard to successfully paint a picture because everything seems to be happening all at once – like an explosion.  The great thing about Rubblebucket though, is that they don’t necessarily rely on their interactive elements to motivate the crowd.  Their indie-dance beats are jam packed with a spectrum of influences ranging from tribal rhythms to psychedelic rock.  The sound alone is so stimulating you could probably dance to them blindfolded.

The earlier portion of the show brought together a fun variety of songs from their repertoire, including “Silly Fathers”, “L’Homme”, and “Came Out of a Lady” from their popular Omega La La (QRO review), as well as newer songs like “Oowah” from their Oversaturated EP.  Though the venue was tightly packed, people somehow found room for their elbow and knees to jerk around – it was pretty hard to stay still when there was so much happening on stage.  Quirky movements, blaring brass instruments, and billowing neon ribbons tied to each mic stand accompanied Traver’s soulful voice.  Her voice only came to a rest when she was blasting away on a baritone sax half her size.  There was even a moment in the show when members of Star Rover and Body Language were invited onto the stage, banging an array of percussions to the beat.

RubblebucketAfter playing “Save Charlie” from their most recent EP, Save Charlie, the band briefly stepped off stage.  Thankfully they came right back on to keep the momentum of the show going.  Like the end of every Rubblebucket encore, the band came down with all their shiny brass instruments and paraded around the crowd for one last huzzah.

Nearly everyone who left the venue did so with big smiles and high spirits.  With all the sweat-covered happy fans walking back to the L train, even a bystander could tell that the night was a success.  No doubt, Brooklyn is already counting down the days till the next great Rubblebucket explosion in New York City.


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