Sebastien Grainger : Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains

<img src="" alt="Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains" />DFA1979's ashes scatter even further than MSTRKRFT with Sebastien Grainger's solo disc. ...
Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains
7.5 Saddle Creek

Sebastien Grainger & The MountainsDFA1979’s ashes scatter even further than MSTRKRFT with Sebastien Grainger’s solo disc. The former singer/drummer for the respected duo finds his new role as a power-pop conductor with no loss of energy in the transition. On Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains, he gives a confident performance that begs the question of “why not sooner?”.

Uptempo rhythm is the name of the game here, as Grainger propels each track with hyperkinetic fervor.  From the Killers-esque opening “Love Can Be So Mean” to the disco-rock boogie on “Renegade Silence”, Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains is a hugely energetic album.  It has more than a handful of head-banging, hip-shaking grooves driven by distorted guitars and Grainger’s live-wire vocals.

It’s easy to see Grainger’s particular influence on DFA1979 here, if connecting his work is what you’re going for.  But more importantly, it’s an exciting look towards his future, as he shows a unique mastery of pop’s rougher edges.  Imagine Spector-era pop growing mohawk.

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