Silversun Pickups – Physical Thrills

On latest release 'Physical Thrills', Silversun Pickups attempt to put two styles together, sometimes in a single song....
Silversun Pickups : Physical Thrills
7.5 New Machine
Silversun Pickups : Physical Thrills

On 2019’s Widow’s Weeds (QRO review), Silver Lake’s Silversun Pickups shifted from their aughts alt-rock originals into something decidedly harder and more electronic, and largely pulled it off. On latest release Physical Thrills, they attempt to put the two styles together, sometimes in a single song.

Thrills has Silversun Pickups’ fuzzy expanse, such as with “Hereafter (The Way After)” and the brighter “Stay Down (Way Down)” that once upon a time earned them comparisons to fellow SP band, Smashing Pumpkins. But there’s also the darker electronics of the more recent years in “Scared Together” and “System Error”. And there are pieces that have rather jarring sonic shifts between the two sounds, like “Hidden moon” and “Empty Nest” (where you might think a record skipped or your download was faulty).

One will naturally prefer one of the two styles that Silversun Pickups do on Physical Thrills, and hopefully not be to thrown by the jumps in between, but such is the straddle.

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