Sinking Feeling – Sinking Gadget

Sinking Feeling packs a lot of durrty drum n’ bass into 17 tracks....
Sinking Feeling : Sinking Gadget
8.0 Self-released

Sinking Feeling : Sinking GadgetRappers have been known to record songs in response to other rappers who have ‘disrespected’ them.  Lo and behold, EDMers have a version of the time-honored practice — and it’s a tad geekier.  Boston’s Sinking Feeling has recorded a ‘response’ of sorts; his new album Sinking Gadget is a musical reply to the KORG Gadget, which is a “mobile synthesizer studio.”  That is to say, it’s a computer application.  Not exactly the world’s most dangerous beef.  Not a beef at all – more like a loving homage.

Sinking Feeling packs a lot of durrty drum n’ bass into 17 tracks.  Expect lasers, icy drop-offs, frenetic washes, and relentless pacing.  There are shades of late period (current period?) Aphex Twin throughout, mixing old school house vibes with new school techniques.  A solid listen, though, at times, the density of composition track after track can prove over-stimulating.  In other words, don’t listen if you’re on a lot of cough syrup because you’ll probably “kill a bitch.”  And then we’d really have a beef.

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