Soul Asylum

QRO's spotlight catches Minneapolis alt-veterans, Soul Asylum....
Soul Asylum

QRO’s spotlight catches Minneapolis alt-veterans, Soul Asylum.


Name: Soul Asylum

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Members: Michael Bland, Sterling Campbell (former), Joey Huffman (former), Pat Morley (former), Karl Mueller (deceased), Dan Murphy (former), Ian Mussington (former), David Pirner, Winston Roye, Justin Sharbono, Tommy Stinson (former), Grant Young (former)

Albums: Say What You Will, Clarence… Karl Sold the Truck (1984), Made to be Broken (1986), While You Were Out (1986), Hang Time (1988)), And the Horse They Rode In On (1990), Grave Dancer’s Union (1992), Let Your Dim Light Shine (1995), Candy from a Stranger (1998), The Silver Lining (2006), Delayed Reaction (2012), Change of Fortune (2016), Hurry Up and Wait (2020)

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Soul Asylum playing “Black Gold” at 2010 MusicFest:


Soul Asylum playing “Without a Trace” at 2010 MusicFest:

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