<img src="http://www.qromag.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/spiritualizedmar16.jpg" alt="Live : Spiritualized" /><br /> Different building.  Different audience.  Different performance.  Different atmosphere.  But the same fantastic Spiritualized. ...
Live : Spiritualized
Spiritualized : Live

light bulb on floorSo, Rescue Rooms in Nottingham is a small venue painted black, tight and long, with an upper gallery, five clear light bulbs, two hanging from the ceiling, three on the stage floor.  The usual 40+ audience stood with there own personal space around them, pints poised on Friday, March 16th.

No drone of earlier times.

light bulb on ceiling

Mark ArnoldThe band entered:

Keyboard-Mark Arnold

Bass Guitar-James Selfox

Drums-Kevin Bales

The Gospel Singers-Claudia and Wendy

Lead Guitar-Doggen

Guitar and Vocals-Jason Pierce

Pierce was wearing a Velvet Underground t-shirt, and white jeans.  Gone are the silver trainers, replaced with “Wild at Heart” type snakeskin loafers.

Kevin BalesBales started the beat “Hey Jane” with an unmistakable intro.  The video released online this week once watched gives it a darker feel than when it was played back at The Albert Hall in 2011.

Pierce’s voice, best it’s been ever married with Doggen’s insane guitar playing…  He is part of that instrument isn’t he?

Claudia and WendyAll blended together with Wendy and Claudia’s dreamy over tones.


James SelfoxFrom the beginning of the performance the visuals hit you, being played over the heads of the band onto a stage sized white backdrop, occasionally moving down to blanket the band.  VJ Paddy Farr clearly is an expert in his art.  Selfox’s face, his eyes closed, a comfortable addition.

“Lay Back In The Sun” at the Oxford gig four days later, brought surely the best quote ever heard – [deep breath…]

“In 1,000 years there will be someone who will invent a time machine just so they can come back to relive this moment”!!

“Oh Baby” brought back the ‘90s vibe with feedback strobes and thumping.  It was like being in a mini “best of” Spz gig, with a few new ones sprinkled in between.  The Kaleidoscope of repetitive patterns changed from a Tron to Barbarella feel.

The numbers backdrop during “Twelve Steps” was outstanding, building into a fantastic visual blur that took you exactly where it was intended-to a place where if you’d never taken a drug in your life you’d thought you had then!

DoggenComing on for an encore, “Electricity”, we were transported back twenty years, blinding strobes lighting up the crowd, some squinting, others with their eyes closed, each of them part of the designed experience.

The Bristol gig on the 21st was the best so far.


Jason PierceTo answer Pierce’s question of, “Why are you going to so many gigs?” when your correspondent caught up with him at the train station, “Is each show so different?”

“Of course…”


Different building

Different audience

Different performance

Different atmosphere

But the same fantastic Spiritualized.


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